Welcome Note

ASA Chairman

Welcome to the website of ASA, one of the leading Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and the best managed MFI of the world. ASA started its mission in 1978 with the aims to improve the condition of the people living at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid and establish a society free from poverty and economic disparity.

Initially, ASA programs focused at awareness-raising and group formation for the poor aiming at integrated development through asserting rights of the poor, education, mini-irrigation, primary health, credit for income generation etc. Later based on a decade of grassroots experience, it was realized that micro lending might serve as the most effective tool in fighting poverty in Bangladesh. The realization was transformed into a reality in 1991.

Since then through its innovative, cost-effective and sustainable microfinance approach, it achieved the status of the most efficient MFI in the world in 2007 as selected by Forbes magazine, USA. Besides, ASA won the “Banking at the bottom of the pyramid” award arranged by the Financial Times, London and International Finance Cooperation (IFC) 2008.

Presently, ASA renders multifaceted services to more than seven million people of Bangladesh as well as underprivileged people of some other developing countries. Besides microfinance program, the organization has been operating quite a number of non-financial programs counting Primary Healthcare, Education, Health Awareness, Physiotherapy, Sanitation, Hygiene, Agricultural aids etc. out of its own resources. Thousands of poor and underprivileged people are benefited as a result of these initiatives.

Beyond Bangladesh, ASA has been providing technical assistance in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to widen outreach of microfinance.

I hope this website would be helpful for you to know about ASA. I convey thanks and good wishes to all those who are interested in using sustainable microfinance as a tool to erase the curse of poverty from the world.

Md. Shafiqual Haque Choudhury
Founder & President,