Sanitation Program

Sanitation Program of ASA is in function to improve the sanitation facilities of the people of the country who are living without proper sanitation facilities. It can be mentioned here that about 40 percent population of Bangladesh are still living without sanitary latrines or may be some of them have sanitary latrines but those are not hygienic to use. This sanitary feature looms as a potential threat to the public health of the country.

In the given reality, ASA initiated Sanitary Program to address the aforesaid problems by offering soft loan, training and expertise to the people including users, traders, entrepreneur, masons etc. so that accessibility of sanitary latrines can be expanded to the reach of the marginal people. Under the program, the target people are encouraged and facilitated to produce and install Offset Latrines as this type of latrine is considered as safe, easy to maintain, cheap and befitting to all weathers.

The Sanitation Program of ASA has been emphasizing on customize Offset Latrine depending upon the financial ability, environment, and availability of raw materials so that the underprivileged people can access them effortlessly. The program is focusing on the beneath aims:

 •  Innovate befitting latrine technologies and solutions for the poor households and train up the sanitary entrepreneurs, traders and field workers to improve their skill.

•  Provide loan with flexible terms and with less interest to the sanitary entrepreneurs, traders and users.

•  Offer soft loan to the poor and low income people for purchasing sanitary latrines.

•  Transform sanitation business into a social business.

The Sanitation Program is working for increasing expertise through facilitating necessary training, inputs by arranging workshops across the country. The program disbursed an amount of BDT 163 million as soft loan to the users and entrepreneurs and also imparted training to 774 entrepreneurs, traders and masons during 2015.