TA Activities


Bangladesh is the birth-place of micro-finance and this is recognized all over the world. In the early stage, microfinance was not known to the world properly and it was thought that poverty reduction through microfinance would be a dream in future. But, later on, it has proven to be the most successful method of poverty reduction as well as empowerment. 

Different organizations of the world, working in this sector, became aware of the success of a few Bangladeshi institutions and became interested in replicating the model. They proposed to get consultants from the successful NGO/MFIs as both the concept and the model were new to them. ASA provides Technical Assistance (TA) to other organizations through assistance in replicating ASA Model. ASA’s senior officials are seconded there to assist the respective organization in replicating the model. They provide technical assistance in different ways through establishing and operating model branches as well as upgrading the existing branches. Side by side they also provide necessary training to the staff to implement the program in a quick and sustainable way.