Savings Products 


The Savings Product of ASA is designed in such a manner that it could address the problems of the borrowers arising out the sudden and unpredicted necessities and wants for money. ASA Savings Product has the specialty to provide quick responses and solutions for money problems of the clients in their crying needs. In most of the cases people of low income group face extreme difficulties and are compelled sell their valuable assets because they don’t have extra money in their hands to meet the emergencies. Borrowing money from the neighbors is not possible for them as the native people living in their villages or localities are also poor and unable to lend.

In the given situations ASA clients can easily overcome as they have opportunities to withdraw their deposited money from ASA at any time. ASA offers flexible withdrawal facilities for the savings to its clients so that they could meet their emergences and wants smoothly. This opportunity makes the poor borrowers relieved enabling them to withstand any unexpected economic shocks and disasters. This has enormous implications for sustainable poverty alleviation as well. By dint of flexible saving options clients of ASA can avoid selling their valuable and essential assets during emergency periods.

Objectives of the Savings Program

•   Motivating members to increasingly engage in savings from profit out of their income generating activities (IGAs);

•   Developing a capital fund for their additional income generating activities (IGAs);

•   Savings to form a principal source of capital for poverty alleviation program;

•   Assisting poor people to attain self-sufficiency;

•   Creating a formidable funding source to meet family needs;

•   Overcoming helplessness in natural or other disasters.


ASA is catering the following savings products to its clientele at the moment.

Regular Savings* 6% yearly interest.
* Minimum savings: Tk. 10 per week and Tk. 50 per month for primary loan; Tk. 50 per week and Tk. 100 per month for special loan.
* Members may withdraw from their savings any time maintaining a balance of at least 10% of their loan outstanding.
Voluntary Savings* 6% yearly interest.
* May deposit any amount above their mandatory weekly savings.
* Members may withdraw from their savings anytime maintaining a balance of at least 10% of their loan outstanding.
Long Term Savings* 6% yearly interest for a duration up to 60 months, 9% for 61-120 months and 12% for 10 years. Compound rates are applicable.
* Members deposit from Tk. 50 to Tk. 1000.
* Members can withdraw from their savings anytime at an interest rate calculated on monthly basis.
Capital Buildup Savings Fund* Weekly premium is BDT 10 or monthly premium BDT 50.
* On death of a borrower his/her family is given twice the deposited amount as security.
* The duration of CBSF is 400 weeks. For withdrawal before its maturity the borrower is given interest benefit on deposited amount at a special rate.


Category of ClientDeposit Rate (minimum)Interest RateTermDeposition ModeWithdrawal Provision
Clients belonging to ASA's Loan Programs are required to deposit a regular fixed amount.BDT 10 or US$ 0.13 is mandatory.Annually 6% (Paid on the basis of monthly average balance)Continue throughout the membershipDepends on Loan repayment modeClients can withdraw anytime but need to keep 10% equivalent of loan (principal) as balance
Excess of Mandatory/Regular savings is treated as voluntary savings.


Category of ClientDeposit Rate (minimum)Interest RateTermDeposition ModeWithdrawal Provision
Any client can participate in this product; an installment based deposit with fixed return usually higher than regular savings but close to fixed rate of return50/ 100/ 200/ 300/ 400/ 500/ 1,000For 5 years duration 9% and for 10 years duration 12% at maturity5 or 10 yearsMonthlyClients can withdraw any time before maturity but with lower rate of return