Research Offer

ASA encourages individual and institutional research activities inside and outside of the organization and therefore it welcomes talented individuals/volunteers in ASA to conduct research activities. The volunteer researcher will work along with a dedicated Research and Documentation (R&D) unit. The researcher will be provided all assistance through R&D unit to accomplish the tasks during the tenure.


  • ➲ The applicant will be appointed as Volunteer Employee of the organization
  • ➲ A core team to assist in the research
  • ➲ Previous research reports as reference
  • ➲ An access to the very resourceful library of ASA University
  • ➲ A comprehensive microfinance environment to regulate the task


Any individual (local/foreign) who poses an academic degree of undergraduate, graduate, post graduate or PhD in relevant industry to perform research for institutional/personal use only


Apply to the following address at: with below attachments.

  • ➲ Short resume/curriculum vitae with a passport size photo
  • ➲ A forwarding letter from the respective Course Coordinator/Institution mentioning the purpose of the research
  • ➲ All academic and experience certificates
  • ➲ A research proposal addressing research topic, summary of the paper, literature review, challenges, justification of the research, methodology, hypothesis, time frame, budget and a preliminary set of institutionally approved questionnaire
  • ➲ Please mention “Application for Research in ASA Bangladesh” in the subject

Upon submission of the application, the Head of R&D will review the documents and will shortly communicate with the applicants to pursue the procedurals subject to selection.





The researcher needs to pay a Program Facilitation Fee of US$100 for the entire period of his/her work in ASA. This fee may be paid either in US$ or in BDT at ASA head office cash section in ASA Tower, Shyamoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Any research on ASA and its activities is a volunteer one. There is no provision in ASA to provide any manpower, transport, food, costs of any nature, etc. to the researcher on or before or during the research activities in ASA.


On getting a positive decision on application of the researcher (s), R&D unit will send an invitation letter to the respective applicant as to pursue obtaining visa.


  • ➲ The researcher is expected to abide by the rules, honor the norms & practices of ASA.
  • ➲ The request from the applicant may be accepted or rejected by the ASA management. For any status happens to the applicants are informed at the earliest possible time;
  • ➲ Usually the concerned official (s) put forward the request(s) to the concerned desk/officer(s) as to furnish data/information to help assist the researcher(s);
  • ➲ In case of any conflict of interest arises between parties is to be solved through holding an urgent meeting. In case of no solution came to any conflict either actual or potential and in case of doubt etc. a notice of Resignation/Termination may be served from either parties to each other by giving a written notice before 3 working days.


At least six (6) months validity of the passport should remain even after completion of research in ASA, Bangladesh. If renewal of passport is required before leaving for ASA, Bangladesh, the applicant should get it done.


All researcher, based on the nationality, need visa to visit ASA, Bangladesh. Obtain your visa from the Bangladesh Embassy/ High Commission of Bangladesh or the Consulate working in your country.


Researchers are recommended to carry their own laptop. If it is not possible to anyone(s), a desktop computer with access to internet facility will be provided to the researcher while at work in the head office of ASA.