Physiotherapy Program


Most of the poor people of our country suffer from perennial health problems as they are compelled to work hard for a living. A significant number of them develop physical disabilities and lose work-ability because of excessive stress on their body. These disabilities need prolong treatment courses to be cured at high treatment expenses that are beyond their means. Patients in most cases remain untreated for long that results in permanent disability. A huge number of poor and low income people get affected with permanent traumas, paralysis, arthritis, etc leading them into chronic poverty.

Physiotherapy Program of ASA was started to serve the people suffering from physical disabilities and traumas. It provides services across the country by arranging Physiotherapy camps mostly in underdeveloped localities. A number of physiotherapists and nurses deliver the service using modern equipment and medical kits. Under the program 40,000 patients were provided treatment during July 2015 – June 2016.