MIX 2007

ASA’s position in global microfinance, according to Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) (www.themix.org)

2007 MIX Global 100

Among this year’s large sample of 820 MFIs, only one, ASA in Bangladesh, managed to rank in six of the seven MIX Global 100 MFI rankings by category. The variables for each category are as follows:

Category Variable

  1. Outreach – Borrowers
  2. Outreach – Depositors Voluntary Depositors
  3. Scale – Gross Loan Portfolio
  4. Profitability – Return on Assets
  5. Efficiency – Cost per Borrower / GNI per capita (ranked inversely)
  6. Productivity – Borrowers / Staff Member
  7. Portfolio – Quality Portfolio at Risk>30 days (ranked inversely)