MIX 2005

2005 MIX Global 100: MFI League Table

ASA has been ranked as one of the best three MFIs in the world by “The Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX)” (www.themix.org), a USA based internationally recognized microfinance research institution. This declaration was published in MIX’s report titled “2005 MIX Global 100: MFI League Table” presented in the Microcredit Summit 2006, held in Halifax, Canada from 12-15 November’06. The report is prepared from 512 MFIs of the world considering six areas of performances namely outreach, scale, profitability, efficiency, productivity and portfolio quality as well as consulting investors, researchers, donors, media, etc. worldwide. Close to 300 MFIs of the world have been placed in at least one of the six tables prepared for the best hundred. Almost 10% of the MFIs have appeared as leaders across four or more categories. Here, ASA has been placed in all the six categories with exceptionally good results.


Position of the 5 biggest NGOs of the world considering the Xix Categories

Name of NGO/MFIsOutreach (number of active borrowers)Total gross loan portfolioReturn on assetEfficiency (operational expenses/ average gross loan portfolio)Productivity (number of borrowers per staff member)Portfolio quality (portfolio at risk>30 days)
Grameen Bank13-7617-