Management Specialties

In 2001, ASA declared itself a donor free self-reliant MFI and has not accepted any donation since then. Innovative policies and strong determination, as well as dedication, of the staff have made ASA successful within the shortest possible time. There are some specific factors behind this success and these are outlined below.

Key Features of ASA’s Innovative Management:

  • ➲ Dynamic leadership
  • ➲ Self-explanatory written working manual
  • ➲ Decentralization and delegation of authority to the branch level officials
  • ➲ Participatory process in decision making
  • ➲ Specialization in microfinance and fast expansion policy
  • ➲ Costless and faster innovative recruitment
  • ➲ On-the-job training approach (Each one teach one policy)
  • ➲ Simple and cost-effective branch structure without separate accounts officer
  • ➲ Simple and least hierarchical organization
  • ➲ Easy and close communication among officials as well as between officials and clients
  • ➲ Strong monitoring and supervision from all levels
  • ➲ Simple and transparent accounting and record-keeping based on format
  • ➲ Low-cost culture practiced from top to bottom
  • ➲ Effective fund management
  • ➲ Member’s group transfer among the Loan Officers every six months
  • ➲ Diversified loan products to meet clients’ demand
  • ➲ Simple and shorter loan processing
  • ➲ No collateral for providing loans
  • ➲ Loan disbursement within seven days of membership
  • ➲ Savings (short and long term based) and Mini Life Insurance for the clients
  • ➲ No group guarantee for providing loan
  • ➲ Education loan for members’ children
  • ➲ Male loan for members’ husband/guardian
  • ➲ Opportunity to withdraw savings at any time
  • ➲ Special loan for natural disaster affected areas
  • ➲ Health assistance to the clients without taking premiums