Health Assistance

ASA operates a charitable program to provide financial grants to the clients, employees and member of their families suffer from chronic diseases for bearing treatment costs. ASA introduced health grant program as a part of its overall people welfare approach emphasizing inclusive welfare of the society. Members of target groups feel more secured as the have opportunity to seek and enjoy the grants. A handsome amount of money provides to the ailing clients, staff and their family members each year by ASA Health Assistance Program. During 2015 an amount of BDT 4 million was awarded as full grants to the deserving individuals. If the above stated individuals affected with the following diseases can appeal the ASA authority for getting financial aid for meeting treatment expenditure.


Name of DiseaseAmount
Cancer (Blood, Lungs, Bone, Stomach, Neck)BDT 80,000-100,000
US$ 1,014-1,267
Acid BurntBDT 16,000-20,000
US$ 203-253
Other form of CancerBDT 16,000-20,000
US$ 203-253
Brain Tumor/HemorrhageBDT 60,000-75,000
US$ 760-951
Stone RemovalBDT 16,000-20,000
US$ 203-253
Kidney transplantBDT 160,000-200,000
US$ 2,027-2,534
Heart Surgery (valve change)BDT 120,000-150,000
US$ 1,520-1,901
Heart Surgery (Repair)BDT 64,000-80,000
US$ 811-1,014
Heart Surgery (Bi-pass)BDT 80,000-100,000
US$ 1,014-1,267
Backbone SurgeryBDT 80,000-100,000
Orthopedic Related Surgery including Patella changeBDT 20,000-25,000
US$ 253-317