Grievance Mitigation Department                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

gmdSince the beginning in 2014, the Grievance Mitigation Department has been working independently as a separate department of ASA to address various deprivation issues of the field staff, particularly on matters relating to their grievance and agonies created out of misbehavior and misjudgment by their seniors. Although, ASA has a written operational manual and a code of conduct incidents of misbehavior and exploitation sometimes happen. Many of those incidents are often inadequately addressed as the regular administration and supervision fail to take notice of all of them. As a result, a sense of grievance prevails among deprived employees alienating them from professional commitment.

GMD has been working to resolve the above-mentioned situations through an impartial investigation and after determining the nature of fault or misdeed makes a decision to mitigate the grievance. It has been led by an Hon’ble Member of ASA Governing Body and staffed by a number of experienced employees. During FY July 2015 – June 2016, 124 complaints were filed with the GMD and 120 cases were resolved following adoption of adequate and proper investigation process.