Forbes 2007

ASA has topped the famous US-based magazine’s first-ever list of 50 top MFIs considering Scale, Efficiency, Risk and Returns. The top 50 MFIs were chosen out of 641 micro-credit providers across the globe. Microfinance Information Exchange (MIX) has prepared the list as per direction of Forbes. Bandhan (India) has been ranked second in the list. It may be mentioned here that, Bandhan has been taking ASA’s TA since its inception.

2Bandhan (Society and NBFC)India10849421
3Banco do NordesteBrazil462721325
4Fundaciu00f3n Mundial de la Mujer BucaramangaColombia58721931
5FONDEP Micro-Cru00e9ditMorocco119261961


“Forbes‘ first-ever list of the World’s Top 50 Microfinance Institutions were chosen from a field of 641 micro-credit providers. The list was prepared by the Microfinance Information Exchange ( under guidance from Forbes ( magazine. To qualify, the institutions made available their audited financials and passed review by a Forbes panel of advisers. This table gives the rank (out of 641) for the top institutions according to scale, which is based on the size of their gross loan portfolio; efficiency, which considers operating expense and the cost per borrower as a percent of the gross national income per capita of their country of operation; risk, which looks at the quality of their loan portfolios, measured as the percent of the portfolio at risk greater than 30 days; and return, which is measured as a combination of return on equity and return on assets. Each category is equally weighted for an institution’s overall ranking.”