Sanitation Program

ASA has initiated Sanitation Program to develop sanitation facilities the people of lower segment of the society. The program goes operation from March 2014. This program looked to support the low income and poor people in setting up sanitary toilets to their houses. The program focuses on the under mentioned objectives;

Innovate befitting toilet technologies and solutions for the poor households and trained up the sanitary entrepreneurs, traders and field workers to improve their skill.
Provide loan with flexible terms and with less interest to the sanitary entrepreneurs, traders and users.
Offer soft loan to the poor and low income people for purchase sanitary toilets.
Change the mode of sanitation business as a social business.

Under the program 150 sanitary entrepreneurs and traders of six districts of the country have been awarded training in last quarter of 2013-14 fiscal year. Besides, an amount of Tk. 24 lacs loan was disbursed among 52 entrepreneurs, traders and users under this program in the aforesaid period as well.

The Sanitation Program is working for the development of expertise of the stakeholders and the target people by conducting necessary training, workshops and exposure visits. It has put a target of disbursing loan amount of BDT 163 million up to December 2015, and provided training to 774 entrepreneurs, traders and masions.