Foreign Remittance

FOREIGN_REMITTANCEASA has been rendering foreign remittance service since 2008 with the collaboration of National Bank Ltd. to provide better, faster and safer money transfer to the doorsteps of the relatives of expatriate Bangladeshis. The organization extended the remittance services to its 2000 branches under 64 districts all over Bangladesh.

ASA paid remittances of TK 3,845 crore and transactions 1,560,887 till April, 2015 to the beneficiaries from it’s 2000 Branches through National Bank Ltd. via “Western Union” and “NBL Quick Pay” Channels. The “Western Union Money Transfer” service is being offered all
over the world. “NBL Quick Pay” runs only in Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, Maldives & Greece. But the “NBL Quick Pay” is planning to extend its services to several other countries.

“Western Union” and “NBL Quick Pay” are being used successfully to collect the foreign remittance with the effort of field workers and central workers of every level. The main goal of this services is to deliver the money that is being sent from the foreign countries to the receivers and helping the poor population as well as helping the economic development of the country in the process. It also helps to enhance the reputation of ASA in home and foreign countries and helps to attend the social responsibilities.