ASA has been working very hard for the last few years to fully automate its MIS and FIS reporting for all branches and central office. Despite wide geographical locations, lack of resources and inherent implementation hazards its steady progress is significantly visible. This article summarizes ASA software solution details and its present implementation status.

ASA Microfinance Management System (AMMS) is an integrated in-house developed software solution to automate ASA’s micro-credit program. Followings are major features of AMMS.

  • ➲ It records day to day financial activities in electronic format and then produces management monitoring reports at required frequencies
  • ➲ It is flexible enough to cater the needs of MFI operations in any ASA model MFI yet produces standardized MIS and FIS reports for each level of users
  • ➲ Its unique feature is customizable micro-credit program parameters (e.g. interest rate, amortization, duration etc), which allows MFI’s to offer products without any additional development work

AMMS is divided into two major parts: Branch AMMS and Central AMMS. Following diagram shows how these two parts work together to form a complete software solution.


There are four main modules in AMMS. They are Programs, Accounts, Fund Plan and HRM. Followings are brief feature list of each module.

Programs Module:

  • ➲ Captures daily loan/savings/security disbursement and collection information
  • ➲ Client and group management
  • ➲ Produces loan officer and branch performance measure / monitoring reports

Accounts Module:

  • ➲ All transactions performed in micro-finance module is automatically posted to accounts module
  • ➲ Specific accounting transactions (e.g. office expenses, bank receive/payment) can be managed separately
  • ➲ Tracks fixed assets with configurable depreciation rate
  • ➲ Produces branch wise income expense report and balance sheet

Fund Plan Module:

  • ➲ Manage half yearly fund planning of loan disbursement and collection/savings deposit and withdrawal/security deposit and withdrawal


HRM Module:

  • ➲ Manage Payroll, employee loan and savings, provident fund, etc.

AMMS is designed as N-tier enterprise solution and special care has been taken to adopt frequent change of business process and methodologies. It has been developed utilizing Microsoft C#.NET, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server technology. In addition, JIRA (task management system) and SVN (source code repository control system) have also been used in the development life-cycle.


Present status of AMMS implementation at branch level:

  • ➲ Implementation completed successfully for all branches
  • ➲ Assistant Support Engineer (ASE) looks over the AMMS operation from district level
  • ➲ Loan Officers (LO’s) enter their daily transactions into AMMS and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly branch reports are prepared from AMMS, reducing complex calculation required to prepare manual summary reports


Present status of AMMS implementation at central level:

  • ➲ ASA IT department implemented central server based management reporting in the year 2010, which was a milestone for ASA Microfinance Management System (AMMS) project implementation. Branches record their day to day transactions into offline AMMS located into branch, at the end of each month branch data is uploaded to central server through internet modem located in every branch. Central server automatically consolidate all the branches data allowing management to produce monthly reports and monitor branch activities from central office without visiting a particular branch. District wise reports are also available from central server allowing management to perform comparative study among all districts of Bangladesh. Moreover district managers no longer need to produce manual monthly reports which will be a great time saver for the district managers.