4. ASA Exposure Program Requirements

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A set of facilitation fees chart have been exposed in the following for understanding of the visitors who wants to come to ASA.  Based on the rates here the visitors may plan to come for an exposure visit to ASA, Bangladesh as per their congenial time. ASA charges exposure visit facilitation fees in the following manner:

  • US$50/day/person for a group of 1-5 persons
  • US$30/day/person for a group of 6 & above
  • US$25/half-day/person for a group of any number

ASA charges the visitors from the SAARC countries such as Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the following manner:

  • US$40/day/person for a group of 1-5 persons and
  • US$20/half-day/person for a group of 6 & above
  • US$15/half-day/person for a group of any number from 1 & above

For the Bangladeshi delegations in any number-

  • US$10/day/person Or in BDT 700/day/person
  • US$7/half-day/person Or in BDT 500/half-day/person



A number of good hotels are available here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The office of ASA International Affairs may assist the exposure visitors for hotel room booking on request of the visitors to ASA.



Bangladeshi dish and other continental dishes are available here. You may choose your items for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



ASA does not have any transportation facilities for the exposure visitors. On request of the delegation/team, ASA arranges vehicle(s) from “Rent- a-Car” service centre(s).

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