Compliance of Right to Information Actcompliance-of-right-to-information-act

ASA appointed Information Officers and Appeal Authorities in all level of the organization in October 2015 in compliance of the prerequisite of the Information Commission of Bangladesh. Branch Managers and District Managers have been assigned as Information Officers at the Upazila and District level respectively. An officer has also been appointed as Central Information Officer to discharge responsibilities at ASA Central Office in this regard.

Any citizen of the country can seek information regarding operation, programs, activities and similar other relevant matters on ASA and he or she shall be provided with the information if it is not termed otherwise restricted legally. So far, more than a hundred information seekers were provided with required particulars by different branches of ASA located across the country during 2015-16. In addition, the organization keeps close liaison with Information Commission of Bangladesh and makes wholehearted efforts for making the Right to Information more meaningful and effective for meeting its mission.