ASA Emerges as the top MFI of Bangladesh

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According to the Credit and Development Forum’s (CDF) report “Bangladesh Microfinance Statistics 2016-17” ASA became the topmost MFI of the country in terms of loan disbursement, outstanding loans and number of branches etc. The report also mentioned that ASA had the 2nd highest number of clients during 2016-17.

Currently, ASA serves 7.85 million clients with an outstanding loan amounting to BDT 18,086 crore across the country. Apart from microfinance service, 8 million people, mostly underprivileged receive non-financial services such as primary healthcare, education,    physiotherapy, sanitation etc. from ASA. It may be noted here that ASA has been providing technical and managerial assistances for the development of microfinance in 12 countries.

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