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WELCOME to the website of ASA, one of the leading microfinance institutions of Bangladesh, and the best managed MFI in the world. The story of ASA had its origin in Tepra, a typical village of rural Bangladesh, in 1978. ASA began its initiative to assist the underprivileged segment of the society in attaining better livelihood and acquiring means to escape poverty trap. Since its inception, ASA has been pursuing utmost its efforts in the cause of the downtrodden and uncared people. Microfinance is the core program of ASA with seven million clients across Bangladesh currently. Besides, it has been implementing a number of non-financial programs featuring Education, Healthcare, Sanitation, Hygiene and Agriculture support services. ASA is an absolutely self-financed organization and doesn’t take grants or donations of any kind from anywhere at home and abroad. The organization bears the non-financial program costs from its own resource generated out of the surplus of microfinance operation.


MICROFINANCE program of ASA is considered the most efficient model of micro lending in the globe for its specialty in scaling up with sustainability and steady growth. Currently, seven million people of Bangladesh are deriving benefit from the Microfinance program of ASA. Besides, the organization has been extending technical assistance and consultancies for implementing microfinance operation to a number of NGOs/MFIs around the world.



HEALTH Program of ASA is rendering healthcare services to the poor and underprivileged. Under the program, 54 Primary Health Centers have been established in the comparatively backward areas of the country. Quite a number personnel including physicians and nurses are assigned to render healthcare services to the people. Seven million people are benefiting from the program with primary healthcare, awareness, physiotherapy etc. services.

EDUCATION Program of ASA is dedicated to prevent dropout from the primary schools and offer learning assistance to the underprivileged students in coping with studies.  Mainly, kids of preschool, grade-1 and grade-2 are being provided tuition by the program thus helping them meaningfully in performing better in daily classes and in school exams. About 300,000 children are benefiting from this program currently.


AGRICULTURE SUPPORT Program of ASA initiates quite a number of necessary services for increasing agricultural production and overall agricultural development of the country. Vermicompost project, Dairy farm, Fish farming, Mushroom cultivation, Power-tiller loan, Consultancy to the orange cultivators etc. and related activities are going on under the initiative.



SANITATION Program of ASA is aiming to improve sanitation facilities of the poor households through providing soft loan and imparting training to the masons, sanitary entrepreneurs and vendors equipping them for developing low-cost and easy-to-build hygienic sanitary toilets. Thousands of households are being able to build safe sanitary toilets with the assistance of this program of ASA every year.


REMITTANCE Program was introduced in 2008 by ASA to reach foreign remittance service to the kith and kin of Bangladeshi migrants in a quicker and safer manner. Under the program foreign remittance equivalent to several billion taka is being channeled to the clients each year currently. The remittance service of ASA is extended to its 2,556 branches across the country.






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